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Welcome to the Reading Room. This blog allows you to share your reading enjoyment with a world wide audience. Not only does this site allow you to inspire and share with other people around the world your reading recommendations but it also provides a platform for you to be inspired by books you may not have come across before.

Think of this site as a reading room that anyone can enter at any time. Below are examples of work you can complete and send into me to display on this site. You can either email me your work or send me a link to your blog post to share with others.

Activities you could do in the reading room:

  • Write a 50 word summary of the story.
  • List the main events in the story.
  • Write a review of your book.
  • Create a character profile.
  • Make a fact file about a character.
  • Draw a timeline of the events in your story.
  • Write a description of the setting.
  • Write an acrostic of the title naming events and characters.
  • Create a quiz for other people who may read the book.
  • Compare two characters in the story. How are they similar/different.
  • Write a letter offering some advice to a character.
  • Design a new front cover or create an illustration for the book.
  • Write an alternative ending to the story.
  • Create a poster advertising your book.
  • Create a cartoon strip showing the main events in your story.
  • Think of 5 questions you would like to ask the main character, then answer them as the character.
  • Write a letter to the author about your book.
  • Perform and record a piece of drama.
  • Create a freeze frame of your favourite part of a story, take a picture and write about it.
This is not a full list and please visit the website pages for more ideas and activities. If you have any other activity ideas I could add to this list then get in touch. I cannot wait to share your work on here so please do get in touch and give your love of books a worldwide audience.
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All books discussed on this site are given an appropriate age range rating which are informative for readers but also parents who may want to check the suitability of a book. It is extremely important that when selecting a book to read from this site that you check the age appropriateness and that it is suitable for your age. There maybe times however when reading outside the appropriate age range could be needed, such as challenging yourself more or even considering books at a lower age. I am a teacher and I find picture books in KS2 fantastic resources to use in lessons!
New authors are being added to the reading room on the ’authors chair’ page. This is a collection of authors who support the reading room and have offered their thoughts about reading and their love of books. Each author has a link to their website so that you can see the books that they offer and maybe select a few for the reading room. If you are an author and would like to offer a few thoughts about the power of reading then please get in touch.
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  • jack:

    Hello mr Horrowitz I am jack a pupil at this school I am a big fan of the phone goes dead and your other stories it is just amazing to have a famous civilian at are website

  • Mr Walker:

    Thank you for your positive comments!

  • What a great website – and I love all the creative ideas you’ve set out. I hope you get a million hits.



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